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Sonergy research assists and connects businesses to markets and researchers in order to gather useful and factual insights to inform their business strategies.

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Why Use Us?


Access to a large pool of experienced and professionals on-the ground-researchers covering various industries and countries across the globe to provide you with information for your business

Customized Research

Tailor the scope of research to your needs and create your own qualitative and quantitative questionnaire, surveys (customer, market research) to gain a better perspective and understanding of your market and target audiences.

Survey Management

Sonergy research system supports and helps you to collect data that covers any level of information needed from: informal and formal channels

  • Industries
  • Demographics
  • Companies
  • Local and global trends

Earn on Sonergy

There are many ways to earn on sonergy, either by completing daily task, or by referral program .

How Sonergy survey system works

Sonergy survey system lets you create robust business survey of any size and type such as.

Using blockchain technology, Sonergy will make data accessible through a decentralized smart contract with companies wishing to initiate research and data collectors over a time period. Companies and any person looking for certain information would be able to access from actual people and not bots in real time via the Sonergy platform. The platform is available to students, companies, government and non-governmental organizations who wish to initiate or conduct market research and surveys in a decentralized manner

Create Survey

Create research questionnaire/survey .

Make Payment

You pay with your sonergy token, if you don't have sonergy token, buy now .

Review & Publish

When you finish creating the survey, review it to see if everything is in order before publishing.

Survey Analytics

We have developed rebust analytics system that will enable you get full insight of the survey.


The roadmap demonstrates sonergy commitment and transparency by highlighting how and when we will fulfil every task to develop the sonergy ecosystem.

Q1-2/2020 Q3 2019 Project Website Launch/Community Building Media promotions Project Concept Development and Market research Q3.2020 Token smart contract/MVP deployment Token Listing Q1.2021 Q2-4 2021 Sonergy Mainnet Partnerships Announcement Token Burn Sonergy Staking/ Data Farming DeFi Protocol launch Sonergy App development / Release of white paper/Roadmap Community Airdrops Token Generation Events Integration of AI features for data validation optimization SNGY token CEX Listing Token Burn Marketing, Legal & other advisory services Marketing, Legal & other advisory services Partnerships Announcements Q4. 2020 SNGY listing on DEX Finalize Token Sales Plan Private/Public Sales Media Promotions Proof of Concepts Partnerships Announcement