Get verifiable, reliable and decentralized research data.

Sonergy helps researchers collect validated data through survey respondents to better inform their business strategies.
  • Check square Commission research surveys.
  • Check squareProvide data for research surveys and get rewarded.
  • Check squareValidate & verify research surveys data and get rewarded.
  • Check squareMint and trade validated research data as NFTs on the marketplace.
  • Check squareStake Sonergy (SNEGY) tokens and earn up to 40% APY interest.*
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Why Sonergy?

Many organizations across the globe are currently struggling to get accurate and quality data insights that they need to remain competitive. As a result, cutting edge technologies such as blockchain are necessary for use; to ensure that data is designed to benefit all sides of the research continuum. Consequently, Sonergy deployed a data integrity protocol as a solution to collect and analyze the right data to inform actionable insights.

The solution

Sonergy is the first known global blockchain-based data integrity protocol to be actively disrupting the research industry with blockchain technology. Sonergy is designed to assist and connect businesses to markets and researchers to gather quality, useful and factual insights to inform their business strategies.
  • Check circle Data Integrity
  • Check circle Data privacy and security
  • Check circle Data collection and aggregation onchain
  • Check circle Streamlined and affordable data
  • Check circle Decentralized data
  • Check circle Validated, quality and verifiable data
  • Check circle Data generation and incentives by/for humans and not bots
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Sonergy Ecosystem

Research commissioners have access to a large pool of skilled and competent sources, covering diverse sectors and countries across the globe, allowing them access to any information needed to address business questions All system players, such as companies, individuals, analysts, students, researchers, scientists and instituions can initiate and create research queries using the Sonergy sonergyUserToken to make payment. All the respondents can provide data and respond to research queries and validate data to earn Sonergy tokens.
Sonergy ecosystem

Research Commissioners

Research commissioners are companies or individuals wishing to commission or create surveys to answer any business or research questions.


Respondents are data collectors and will answer survey research questions


Validators play a vital role in Sonergy ecosystem in helping to evaluate, validate and rate information submitted by survey and responders. In order to ensure quality compliance, validators will be constantly evaluated.


With help from our team, contributors and investors these are the milestones we look to achieving. We target 20% increase in new contracts every month, capitalizing on opportunities with existing business relationships.
  1. Q1 - Q2 2021

    • Sonergytoken development
    • Project MVP beta Launch
    • Smart contract audit, release (A&D) forensics
    • Strategic partnerships announcements
    • Project cross promotional partnerships
  2. Q3 2021

    • $SNEGY sonergyUserToken Proof of Credit Mining (POCM) - Liquidity staking program launch
    • Partnership announcement
    • Interoperable Cross-chain features integration aid - $SNEGY sonergyUserToken multi-chain swap
  3. Q4 2021

    • Sonergy protocol MVP development improvements
    • Smart contract audit
    • Media promotions
  4. Q1 - Q2 2022

    • Airdrop, Private / Pre-sale
    • Sonergy Mainnet / Clients ecosystem deployment and onboarding
    • DEX listing
    • Sonergy protocol decentralized data NFT Marketplace deployment
    • Media Promotions
    • Sonergy mobile app development
    • Partnership announcement
  5. Q3 - Q4 2022

    • Integration of AI and Machine Learning features
    • CEX listing
    • Improve liquidity staking program
    • Promotion and partnerships
    • Marketing / Promotional partnerships
    • Advisory board expansion
    • Partnership announcement
    • Integration of other core technical features for Sonergy

Sonergy Tokenomics

The Sonergy platform is also fueled by its native sonergyUserToken, Sonergy (SNEGY); which is used to reward and incentivize respondents and validators for completing research queries and performing other tasks launched by research commissioners. Sonergy also offers profitable income opportunities for Sonergy sonergyUserToken holders who participate in the SNEGY Staking liquidity program to earn up to 40% annual percentage yield (APY) of Sonergy tokens and other prospective project partner tokens.
Total sonergyUserToken supply21,000,000100%
Sales Allocation
Ecosystem development, Operations, Liquidity and Airdrop
Token Reserve Locked for 3 years
Staking/Farming (POCM/SCO 5%)


Sonergy is the leading Blockchain data integrity and incentivization protocol that connects businesses to markets and researchers to gather quality and trustless data that will inform their strategic business decisions and growth.


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Meet our dedicated team

Our Team expertise falls within the Blockchain Technology/Consultancy, Advisors, Research, Marketing and Business development, Software Data Engineer , UI/UX, FullStack Developer, Smart Contract Audit/Blockchain Forensics ecosystem and are currently based around Philippines, Nigeria, South Africa and USA
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